Exploring Arthropods of the Sonoran Desert

Lisa Schwartz

We welcome you to the workshop. Thanks for coming.

Educator, Lisa Schwartz, ToL Learning Materials Editor;
Entomologist Carl Olson, Associate Curator for the University of Arizona Department of Entomology and Entomologist Kim Franklin, PhD student in the Interdisciplinary Program in Insect Science.

9:30-9:45 Part 1

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Part 2 9:45 - 10am

Introductions, explanation
We want you to experience some activities that you can do with your class that combine hands-on science learning, outdoor learning, inquiry learning, and problem based learning with exciting technology tools that assist creative exploration of natural and virtual worlds.

Part 3 10-10:15

As a group we will review some of the links on this page and watch some of the video (to build interest and context). There are other pre-activities that we discuss in the mockup and will continue to add details about (e.g. group and class webs, science journal entries, predications, prior knowledge activities)

Part 4  10:15 -11:15

As a group we will head outside for arthropod observation walk and pit trap construction. At some point we will break into smaller groups for observation and construction and documentation.

We will document our progress with digital cameras and digital audio recorders. We learn how to add these media files to the ToL when we return to the computer lab.

Part 5  11:20 -11:30

Demo how to add an image / audio to the ToL

Part 6 11:30 - 11:45

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