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Kanakopsis Caterino 2006

Kanakopsis amieuensis Caterino

Michael S. Caterino
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Containing group: Chlamydopsinae


Kanakopsis contains only the species K. amieuensis from New Caldeonia. It is known only from a single specimen which was collected in a flight trap, and nothing is known about its biology. The species was only first described in 2006 (Caterino, 2006).

According to recent analyses, Kanakopsis and Chlamydonia represent early diverging branches from the lineage leading to the 'hidden scutellum group' (Pheidoliphila, Eucurtiopsis, Orectoscelis, and others). Current data do not support a sister group status between these New Caledonian genera.


While superficially similar to many Eucurtiopsis, Kanakopsis differs in some important characteristics. In particular, its scutellum is not completely hidden by the meeting of the anterior corners of the elytra. It also differs in several mouthpart details, with a distinct prementum and 3-segmented labial palps. It is more similar in most characters to Chlamydonia, also known from New Caledonia, but lacks the accessory epipleural stria and frontal tubercles found in all species of that genus.

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Caterino, M. S. 2006. Chlamydopsinae from New Caledonia. Memoirs of the Queensland Museum 52:2764.

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Scientific Name Kanakopsis amieuensis
Specimen Condition Dead Specimen
Identified By Michael S. Caterino
Collection Museum National de Histoire Naturelle, Paris
Type Holotype
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Kanakopsis amieuensis

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